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Meet Heather Langton

I first started taking photographs when I was a very young child using 35mm film and flashbulbs. I was always so excited to get the perfect shot, even then!


Fast forward several years, we have all kinds of new technology and computer programs, and I’m still just looking for the perfect shot. I edit my photos minimally, if at all. I believe the photos I take should be representative of how something looks in real life.


I enjoy the beauty that I find in nature, and I especially love to be in nature sharing moments of beauty with those I care about. The next best thing is to bring the majesty of nature to them. I also enjoy vibrant colors and strong color contrasts, which is evident in the photography I share.


Recently, I found a new area of passion within myself, and I found an additional purpose for taking the photos I take. 


I believe in supporting others with love and kindness. I feel strongly that it is our job to create the society we want by helping others. 


All people go through unique circumstances in life. How we grow from those circumstances determines how much we are able to give back to society in the long run. Individuals with criminal records are people who have been through a unique set of circumstances in their life as well. It's easier to make judgement than it is to see the person. And so I believe it is our responsibility and obligation to extend love and light to these individuals as well, and to provide an environment where they, too, can grow and give back.  


I donate 25% of my profits to a non-profit foundation called The Community. 


The Community fosters the successes, humanity, and agency of people with criminal records through Pre-entry and Correcting the Narrative.


See how I'm supporting The Community on the GIVING BACK page.

Also, with every purchase of my photography I send a 4x6 photo of my work to an incarcerated individual. Many of these individuals do not get any access to nature; they don't even get to have grass under their feet.

I do take requests for who to send those 4x6 photos out to. If you are, or know of  someone, who is incarcerated that would benefit from adding a little bit of nature to their life, please send me a note using the CONTACT form.

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